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Consensus and evidence in bipolar disorder: Part I, Consensus

CP: Eleven professional associations over the last two decades have published guidelines for the treatment of bipolar disorder (G.B. Parker and colleagues, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 135(6):515-526, 2017; Editor), and of the many recommendations therein, only two have achieved consensus, and neither pertains to the treatment of bipolar depression. One recommends treating mania with antimanic agents, and the … Read the rest

Currents Plus Interviews (Drug-drug interactions, with Jack E. Rosenblatt, M.D.

Drug-drug Interactions

(terms, types, and treatment implications)

An Interview with  Jack E. Rosenblatt M.D.,

Editor, Currents Plus (Psychiatry)


CPP: Dr. Rosenblatt, allow us to begin, not with benefit of pharmacotherapy in psychiatry, but rather with risk—that  conferred specifically by drug-drug interactions.

Rosenblatt: I believe that you are asking about pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions, wherein one … Read the rest